Protect your sending reputation with DKIM

What is DKIM?

Many of you may be asking yourselves, what exactly is DKIM? DomainKeys Identified Mail or DKIM, allows you to connect a domain name with your email messages, providing an additional layer of authenticity. The key “signs” your message with a digital signature that is added to the message’s header. ThisĀ assists email services in properly identifying your message from all other messages that are delivered.

Is it necessary?

DKIM is not required to send through ReachMail, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it configured. If you do not have your own DKIM key we will sign your messages with our DKIM keys instead. This process will be in place until you successful create and install a DKIM key of your own.

What are the benefits?

DKIM is all about reputation. The main benefit from installing your own DKIM key is that it helps email services identify your specific mail-stream. It can also assist in helping with safeguarding you against spoofing of your domain. With your own custom DKIM installed you will be able to build a reputation on that specific key.

What are the technical requirements?

Installing DKIM keys requires that you add records to your domain’s DNS. If you do not control your domain or are not able to manage your DNS, you will not be able to proceed with a custom DKIM key. A more detailed walk through on the full technical requirements and steps needed to be completed to configure DKIM can be found by clicking here.

If you’re still not sure DKIM is the right solution for you feel free to contact support by calling (888) 947-3224 x2 or emailing

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