September Newsletter

Building your List with Co-Registration

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is to build a list of engaged, qualified email subscribers. An effective technique is co-registration which simply is offering subscribers the ability to join your list when they join another.

Co-registration takes place when two websites partner to build their respective email lists. For example, when a visitor to your website registers for your newsletter, you can offer him/her a chance to sign up for newsletters from the partnering website. According to Jeanne Jennings, an email marketing and website strategy consultant, “for an online or e-commerce merchant, the offer [to sign up] may be more focused on a promotion, such as ‘Get additional news on our products, sales and special offers.’”

You don’t want to enter into a co-registration deal with just anyone, Jennings said: “Work with someone who targets the same customers as you and doesn’t offer a product mix that’s directly competitive to yours.” If you sell career clothing to professional women, a co-registration deal with a company that sells shoes to professional women would be a good fit. Partnering with a company that sells men’s shoes would not make sense.

Setting up a co-registration partnership is easy once you have the right pieces in place. Jennings said that, in many instances, “one site collects registrations for its partner by adding a second form to the registration process, and then provides the information gathered to the partner on a set schedule,” perhaps weekly or monthly, depending on volume.

Another option is to partner with a publisher who offers paid co-registration. Typically you will be able to present a small image, a paragraph of text and a few qualifying questions. Subscribers then can simply say yes/no to your offer and will not have to re-enter their information.

How to block certain companies (or individuals) from getting your emails

If you have a list of companies or people who you’d like to suppress from some of your marketing messages ReachMail can help. Often times you may have a special discount that you’d like to only send to new customers (not your regular ones) How do you do that? ReachMail has a special feature called Demographic Filters that will allow you to do just that.

In this example we will show you how to block certain domains

First, using the “Action” drop-down menu select “Run demographic filters” on the list which you would like to filter.

Next, select “Company name” or another value which you would like to filter by. Choose the option “Create a new mailing list.” Click “Continue…”.

Finally, select the specific values which you would like to filter (in this case the name of the company). Check the option to “Create a list including all of the selections I have made. Name the list and tie the list back to the parent by checking the appropriate box. Doing this will allow the parent list to receive bounce and opt-out information from the child list. Pick a group in which to save your list and click “Build List.” You will then have a company specific list to use as a suppression list in your mailings.

Deliverability Tip – Keep off of blacklists and what actually are blacklists?

Blacklists were of the earliest defenses against spammers before email filters became prevalent. Network administrators started keeping lists of known offenders and blocked future emails from those sources. They then started sharing and subscribing to other blacklists. They still are in large use today – SURBL is one of the larger ones. In fact there are over 250 blacklists. How do you stay off them?

First, rest assured ReachMail monitors all of the major blacklists 24/7 that can affect your deliverability. Second, only use lists that you’re certain have opted in to your company. If you have a list with an uncertain origin, don’t use it. ISPs, especially Microsoft with Hotmail and MSN, deliberately put email addresses out on the internet so as to trap spammers who harvest them and sell them. If you buy one of those lists and send to it you will end up on a blacklist. Third, honor any opt-out requests. If a subscriber opts-out ReachMail adds them to your Global opt-out so that you will be guaranteed not to email them again. Fourth, do not over-mail, if you see open rates declining space out your mailings so you’re not sending too frequently.

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