October Newsletter

Introducing ReachMail Media Services

This month ReachMail is proud to introduce our newest division, ReachMail Media Services (RMS). RMS is an independent media buyer with expertise in list rentals and cost-per-lead programs. RMS brings together the best from direct marketing and demand generation to offer clients a fully integrated prospecting solution. RMS is fully independent of any media owner or publisher to insure that recommendations are objective and performance based. RMS’s core focus is to recommend the mix of marketing programs that will drive the lowest overall CPQL, cost-per-quality-lead.

RMS has brought in Brian Peiffle as division head. “I’m excited about offering a unique resource to marketers,” says Brian, “By consolidating the CPL and list purchase with one vendor our clients can limit duplication issues and leverage their entire marketing spend to get the best rates.” Brian, former Sr. VP of List Brokerage with InfoUSA, has over 10 years of experience guiding marketers to the most targeted media for reaching their prospects.

To learn more about ReachMail Media Services, please visit reachmail.net/media or email bpeiffle@reachmail.com

Getting the most out of ReachMail – Contents and Assets

Attaching files to a large email distribution is tricky. It severely hampers delivery rates, can damage your reputation with ISPs and can harm your relationship with your recipients. So how do you deliver a crucial PDF or PowerPoint presentation to your list? ReachMail’s contents and assets library has the answers. The contents and assets library is a simple way to host your documents and deliver them to your recipients on-demand for download. All you have to do is upload your files, link to them in your email, and that’s it. All your recipients will be able to click the link and download your file.

There’s no size quota for the library, you can upload as many files as you like regardless of size. There’s also no expiration date, your files stay available until you delete them. Your files are hosted on a secure server and are accessible only through your account. It’s the easiest way to provide your recipients with PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files (or any other file type) without large attachments jamming their inbox or damaging your reputation with ISPs.

The Contents and Assests library is part of the ReachMail enhanced edition. For more information on upgrading the enhanced edition and what it has to offer please contact sales@reachmail.com
Deliverability Tip

Recently we came across an issue with the content filter on the earthlink.net domain that we thought we would share. It seems that earthlink.net uses a junk mail filter that searches the content of incoming emails for poorly formed HTML as well as certain HTML tags. Any instances of these will trigger the filter and capture the mail. The mail won’t even go the junk folder, it will simply not be delivered. If you have a lot of earthlink.net addresses in your list check out your mailings and adjust them as needed to fit these rules.

  • No open HTML tags: close your tags, Earthlink won’t deliver bad HTML.
  • No font tags: Earthlink will not deliver any mail with a font tag, if you need to emphasize copy use bold, underline, italic, or emphasis tags.
  • No span tags: You will be delivered, but to the junk folder.
  • Use heading tags: You can use heading tags in concert with inline style elements to use color and size to set off copy.

ReachMail API – Beta Testers Requested

ReachMail is nearing completion of a full featured API that will allow you to synch ReachMail with virtually any database. You’ll be able to access and control your ReachMail account from programs such as salesforce.com, ACT or any other database such as SQL Server. If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for the new ReachMail API or if you’d like to be personally contacted when it becomes available – please email Greg Gulik at ggulik@reachmail.com