December Newsletter

Holiday Marketing Gift – more customer email addresses
Growing a permission email list takes time, money and effort. If you have customer contacts that are missing email addresses there is one way to quickly obtain their email addresses as well as ensuring that they’re permission based. How? ReachMail’s Email Append Service. Properly done, Email Append allows you to extend the relationship you have with your current customers from the postal world to the digital world of email marketing.

ReachMail Media Services partners with three of the largest data providers including Axciom, InfoUSA and Experian to build the largest database of opt-in email addresses to our customers. Simply provide us with the complete postal record of your customers and ReachMail Media Services will compare it with the databases of all three providers. If there is a match ReachMail will arrange for a “Welcome” email message to be sent to the email address. If your customer prefers not to be contacted by you via email they have the opportunity to opt-out at that time. Opt-outs and undelivered records are then removed from your new email list. This new email list is then placed in your ReachMail account for you to market. Questions? Contact Brian Peiffle VP of ReachMail Media Services at 888-947-3224 x 703 or

Getting the most out of ReachMail – Checking the performance of individual lists

Email lists are not static and neither is their performance. For example you may have gathered email addresses from a trade show two years ago. How do those lists perform over time versus subscribers to your newsletter? A list may initially perform well but nose dive in response rate 6 months later. ReachMail makes it easy to see changes in open rates, undelivered email and other metrics. Check out the “List Reports” tool from the Reports section.

List Reports shows you at a glance how many active recipients you have in a list, your bounces (hard and soft with a history of each for every mailing you’ve done. To run the report simply select the list you want.

The report has two sections. The first shows you graphically the current breakdown of your list, Active recipients, opt-outs and bounce detail. Plus a section on html or text preference

Want to see how your list performed over time? The second section lists the most recent mailings including open rates and bounce details. The key indicator to look at is “Total Read Recipients” over time. Don’t remember what the content was? Simply click on the mailing name to be presented with your HTML copy.

Deliverability Tip – Beware of old Hotmail or MSN email addresses
Unique among major ISPs, Microsoft looks for spammers by how often emailers send email to “old” hotmail or msn addresses. ReachMail has found that if you have a list that has not been mailed to in a long time that you may inadvertently have a spam trap within your list. How? It appears that Microsoft monitors dormant/unused accounts, typically hotmail accounts that are no longer being used by the recipient.
These are legitimate email addresses that have been abandoned by their owner a frequent occurrence since hotmail accounts are free. If you mail to one of these then Microsoft “hits” you as a spammer and reduces your deliverability for at least two weeks we’ve seen. Our advice: if you’ve not emailed a list in over 6 months and it includes these domains contact us for the proper procedure. We’ll keep you on Bill Gates good side….and your response rates up!

ReachMail API – Beta Testers Requested
ReachMail is nearing completion of a full featured API that will allow you to synch ReachMail with virtually any database. You’ll be able to access and control your ReachMail account from programs such as, ACT or any other database such as SQL Server. If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for the new ReachMail API or if you’d like to be personally contacted when it becomes available – please email Greg Gulik at