Spring 2009 Newsletter

Increase your response rates with ReachMail Preference Center

How do you send your newsletter or product offers to the most relevant prospects? One way is to allow your subscribers to choose which newsletter or product offers to receive. ReachMail allows you to do this with a “Preference Center” It’s simply a form that displays all the different newsletters or products that you offer. The subscriber can pick one or more to receive. By more finely targeting your marketing you’ll increase your open rates, click-through rate and ultimately more product sales. You’ll also realize fewer opt-outs and spam complaints.

To access the preference center for a list, just navigate to the ‘Contacts and Lists’ tab. Once there, choose ‘Preference Center’ from the action drop-down menu to the right of the appropriate list. You will be resented with a URL for the preference center. Link to this URL from your web page to point users toward the preference center.

If you would like to learn more about preference centers, including how to build a page that allows multiple list sign-ups and management please contact ReachMail support at 312-229-0070 ext. 1 or email support@reachmail.com

Email Marketing Secret Sauce?

Check out the ingredients email marketing consultant Jeanne Jennings uses.

Some obvious but frequently overlooked actions that can improve your email marketing results all focus on increasing the chances your email will be opened. When a recipient receives your email they check out a few things before they click to open. Besides the obvious subject and from they also check out:

  • The snippet or autopreview. This is the first three lines of text in your email and (one line in gmail) that Microsoft Outlook uses. If this interests the recipient then they may click on the email to see more in the Preview Pane.
  • Preview Pane – this is the top first two inches in Outlook. Graphics and images load (and ReachMail will count this as an open) Try to have at least three elements that pulls in your readers interest. Suggestions include a strong headline for articles, personalization and an image of the product or author.
  • Test email with images blocked – look at the preview pane with images off. If you mostly see blank space – make some changes. Make sure to include “Alt tags” – these are text descriptions that render if the images don’t. Overall – can your subscribers see the basic message with a call to action clearly communicated in the preview pane even if the images are off?

You can read more of Jeanne’s email marketing advice at http://www.jeannejennings.com

To view a demo on how to define ‘Alt tags’ on the images in your mailing please click here.