ReachMail Integrates Real-Time Social Media Updates into Email Marketing Solution

Marketers now able to automatically post email content on multiple social networks, enabling instant cross-channel digital campaigns.

Chicago, IL – June 29, 2011 – ReachMail, a Chicago-based email marketing service provider, is broadening their offering to include social media sharing features. Marketers now have the option to automatically post email content to their Facebook and Twitter pages each time a new email campaign is distributed. In addition to the standard email metrics, ReachMail will also provide reports with analytics on how many individuals shared email content via social channels.

ReachMail’s option to directly link e-newsletters and other promotions to various social media channels simplifies the communications process and increases viral reach, all while providing metrics to measure the overall success. With ReachMail’s social media integration, cross-channel marketing tactics are applicable to even the smallest of businesses.

“Bringing together social and email is a necessary next step toward increasing the ROI of email marketing campaigns,” said John Murphy, President of ReachMail. “Marketers are able to extend the reach of their email campaigns by communicating through multiple channels, increasing the chances of hitting consumers where they prefer to engage with an organization. This also facilitates social sharing among non-email subscribers, which is extremely valuable for increasing the effectiveness of the direct email campaign.”

The Park Ridge Historical Society, a current ReachMail customer, has already begun to use the social media sharing features: “We can now share announcements and news with all of our members instantly and more efficiently,” said Paul Adalf of the Society. “It no longer matters what their communication preference is because the social media integration helps us maximize our outreach efforts across various channels, and we can measure the results of our email content beyond simple open rates.”

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ReachMail provides a powerful, web-based method of creating, deploying and measuring email marketing campaigns. ReachMail leads the industry in email deliverability by including all deliverability tools with every ReachMail account at no extra charge. ReachMail customers enjoy the benefits of their own custom IP address, deliverability monitoring, blacklist alerts and whitelisting with all major ISPs.
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Applying fatherly wisdom to your email marketing campaign: 12 ways that conventional “dad advice” applies to email marketing principles

Check out the full article in the June 2011 issue of Brilliant Results magazine at

1. Always introduce yourself with a firm handshake – Send out a ‘Welcome Email’ to all new subscribers fully introducing the concept, product, company or campaign.
2. First impressions are important – Most unsubscribes happen after the first email, so make sure you’re putting your best self forward.
3. Always be polite – Address your subscriber with a personal greeting at the beginning of each email.
4. Never tell a lie; it will come back to bite you – Avoid using misleading subject lines; even though they may get the email opened, you won’t like the repercussions.
5. Think before you act – Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Once the email is sent, you can’t take it back.
6. Treat others, as you would want to be treated – Avoid blasting irrelevant content/too many messages.
7. In order to get, you first need to give – Present offers of value to your subscribers if you want them to reciprocate with purchases down the road.
8. Respect others’ wishes – Don’t reject people just because they want to communicate differently (e.g. via acebook, Twitter or other social channels) instead of just email. Instead, find a way to work with them and accommodate their communication preferences.
9. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes – If you make a mistake in an email (e.g. wrong sales price or date, offensive content), follow up with an apology or other appropriate response.
10. You can’t impress everyone – People will opt out of your emails, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Instead of trying to target everyone, focus on your most important audience(s).
11. Don’t forget your manners/Say thank you – Don’t underestimate the importance of telling your customers you appreciate their support/business, and do so in a genuine way.
12. Learn to listen – Customer feedback is important. Consider sending a short survey to gauge feedback on issues that are key to your business so you can better understand what your customers want.