Another new feature from ReachMail – Easy SMTP

ReachMail announces Easy SMTP – a way to send Transactional or one-at-a-time emails. Easy SMTP is a cloud based solution; there’s no hardware or software to buy. ReachMail customers can use it to send order confirmations, shipping confirmations, or new account confirmations.

To see how Easy SMTP works check out this video

Easy SMTP is superior to other solutions because it provides:

  • Completely secure connections on either port 465 or port 25. Connections are secured by the latest protocols – SSLv3 and TLSv1.
  • Provides the most reporting of any solution; in addition to opens, Easy SMTP provides clicks, bounces, opt-outs AND spam complaints.
  • Builds an automatic backup list within ReachMail to store all of your transactional emails. You can build multiple lists depending on the transaction. For example you can have separate lists for new accounts and shipping confirmations.
  • Configurable sending – allows you to send using a dedicated IP or a shared IP pool. No waiting for IPs to be warmed up.
  • Highest level of authentication – Including DKIM and SPF and a robust sending infrastructure that can handle massive volume.

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