No More ‘Dear Blank’

We all know about the advantages of using personalization in your emails. With ReachMail, you can personalize by any field in your list i.e.

Dear {{First Name}},

Subject: Special deal for {{Company_name}}

But what happens when one of the records in your list is blank? We’ve added a work-around for you.

Traditionally, you reference the first name field with the following: {{first_name}} in the subject or body of your email. Now you can also add a default value for those records which do not have a first name associated with them using the | symbol (pipe). For instance:

Dear {{first_name | Sir or Madam}},


Dear {{first_name |Valued Customer}},

Simply add the personalization from the menu bar as you would have before, then edit the {{first_name}} code that has been inserted by adding the | symbol and any default value you wish to use.

This works just as before, replacing the {{first_name}} code with the value of the first name field associated with that recipient’s email address. But now, if there is no first name field associated, that individual will receive a message with ‘Dear Valued Customer’ as opposed to a blank personalization field.

It’s customizable too! No one knows your clients better than you and accordingly, you can choose the default text that you feel would be best received by your recipients. Just another way ReachMail is striving to make your email marketing experience better.