Build your email list and get a discount

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is how to grow your list. “Purchasing” a list is not an option – (Read get your domain blacklisted and your ReachMail account terminated)

We recently partnered with Opt Intelligence to give ReachMail customers a legitimate, sustainable technique for list building. Here’s what they do. On websites like the NYTIMES.COM Opt Intelligence operates a “Co-Registration” offer. Essentially when someone opts-in to the NYTIMES they are also given the option to sign up for your list at the same time – without having to re-enter their email address.

Cost depends upon your offer and your target. ReachMail will provide you with an additional 5% discount. Simply tell them ReachMail referred you or click on this link to get it.

New Lifetime Free Pricing ReachMail

Chicago – ReachMail, a Chicago-based email marketing service provider, has announced unprecedented pricing for email marketing. Free email marketing accounts for life. Marketers can send up to 15,000 emails per month at no charge plus keep up to 5,000 email contacts in their account.

Each account is full featured and includes all the powerful tools of ReachMail including Social Media Sharing, Autoresponders, A/B Message Testing, Transactional email and a robust API to connect to other applications. No other competitor offers such a complete solution and provides a free email marketing account that allows sending up to 15,000 emails per month.

“This is not a temporary, limited time account” according to ReachMail President John Murphy. “Accounts are permanently free but if you need to send more than 15,000 per month you can upgrade for as little as $10 per month and send up to 30,000 emails”

“I searched for free email marketing accounts” said Liz Jackson, Marketing Director of Garden Parkways, “but they limited you to a very small amount like 50 or 100 emails”. “I have a list of almost 5,000 so ReachMail’s free email marketing works for me”.

Click here to find out more about ReachMail’s free email marketing and pricing.

About ReachMail

ReachMail is a platform for creating and sending messages via email and social media. Each account includes a free custom template, outstanding deliverability and detailed reporting. Advanced tools are built right in including Social Media Sharing, Message Testing, Auto-Responders, Transactional emails and an API. Free support is available- phone or email.

John Murphy, 312-229-0110