ReachMail Alerts

Staying on top of your delivery rates is imperative to your long term success as an email marketer. If you’re not paying very close attention, you can miss a jump in soft bounces, or a spike in user complaints. Ignoring early warning signs like these can trigger a drop off in your ability to land in your recipient’s inbox. That’s why we created an alerts section in ReachMail.

Now, you can set alert levels for your bounces, opt outs and spam complaints. If these levels are breached, we’ll send you an email right away so you can take quick steps to clean your list, or avoid a recurring problem some other way.

As the industry standard thresholds for bounces are pretty strict, we encourage you to set bounce alerts at even stricter levels. Lists whose hard bounce rate is above 1% stand a significantly higher chance of landing in the bulk folders. Try setting an alert at 0.7% for hard bounces in order to catch the problem before a breach of industry standard thresholds triggers a drop in your delivery.

This is an extremely useful and simple tool to help you stay on top of key delivery statistics. We encourage all ReachMail clients to use this feature. For more information, click here.