List Upload Upgrade

If you’ve uploaded a list today you’ll have noticed that we made some changes to the field selection screen in the list upload process. In order to make the process more clear we reduced the field selection method to a simple drop-down menu placed just above the column data sample, replacing our old scroll box of field names.

List Upload screencap

That’s not the best part though. Our favourite aspect of this upgrade is that field selections are now automatic. That’s right, so long as the uploaded file has a header row containing field names, we’ll automatically apply the matching name. No more scrolling and selecting.

If you’re not using header rows in your list files, they’re easy to add, just make the first row in the list a definition for each column. In the CSV sample below, the header row has been used to indicate that the fields in the file are email, first name, last name, state, and zip code.

"Email","First Name","Last Name","State","Zip"

Enjoy the new and improved list upload. If you have any questions or if something doesn’t appear to be working correctly, please contact us at 312-229-0070 x1 or

Pulling Mobile Openers through the API

This past year has revealed a trend in how recipients interact with email: More and more of them are engaging via mobile devices.

After accounting for about one third of all views last March, mobile views have been on a steady rise, finishing February 2013 at 43% of all views.

This shift in recipient patterns means that understanding how recipients interact with your mailings is more important than ever. Email remains the preferred communication channel between businesses and their customers so it’s important to make mailings as sympathetic to customers’ desires as possible. Why send them a mailing optimized for the desktop when they’re likely to read it on a mobile device?

But before you go reconfiguring all your messages, it’s important to understand just what engagement methods your subscribers are using. That’s where we can help. Reachmail’s API now features a full complement of mobile reporting tools. The OpenDetail, LinkDetail, and LinkSummary now include data on the browser vendors and a mobile/desktop designation. You’ll be able to quickly gather data on who engages via a mobile device, if particular campaigns do better in mobile devices, if specific lists contain more mobile subscribers, and more.

If you’re not an API user, take heart, these features and some great visualizations are coming shortly to the regular user interface.