Social Media Sharing

Have you ever created a campaign about a product or promotion you’re excited about and wondered how you can share it with more people? Well now, using ReachMail’s Social Media Sharing feature, you can do just that. While email is still the preferred method of communication online, social media is emerging as a great way to reach and engage with a wider audience for little to no cost. Using ReachMail’s Social Media Sharing feature, you can share your campaigns on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

First, start by going to the Account tab in your ReachMail account and select Social Media.

Next, you’ll want to connect your Facebook and/or Twitter account to your ReachMail account by selecting + in the Action column. Then you’ll need to authorize ReachMail to use your account by entering in your credentials.

Once you’ve successfully authorized our app, you can post a test tweet or status by clicking on the Test link. Check your Facebook/Twitter and you should see a message that reads “Test Message posted by Reachmail”

Now, you’re ready to begin using social media to share your campaigns. Once you’ve created a mailing you’re ready to send out, on the Schedule and Send screen, you’ll notice the Social Media Sharing section under Options.

Make sure Post to Social Media is checked. Then schedule and send your mailing as you normally would. As soon as your mailing goes out, you’ll notice a new status or tweet on your Facebook or Twitter page.

A fantastic example of how social media can be integrated with email marketing is our client Sendoffers. Sendoffers uses ReachMail to share great offers delivered daily from top industry suppliers. Below is an example one of Sendoffers’ recent mailings.

Here is that same campaign shared on their Facebook page:

Note that the subject of their mailing is the caption for this post.

Finally, below you can also see that same campaigned shared on their Twitter account:

To stay within Twitter’s 140 character limit, we only include the subject of the mailing and a link to your mailing’s HTML. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions about how to use this feature or any others, contact Reachmail support at or call us at 888-94-REACH x2.