Do you have Zombies in your email list?

Although Halloween is over you may still have the walking dead in your email list, depressing your open rates and hurting your reputation. Why? Because, according to ClickZ, ISP’s such as gmail, hotmail and Yahoo look at how engaged your list is with your email and factor that heavily in whether your email is placed in the inbox.

ReachMail’s list export tool has a feature that allows you to export and analyze unengaged email addresses. This feature is available on any list that has been sent at least 6 times since it’s creation. To use go to the dropdown menu in the Lists section and find “Export List”



Next – ReachMail can give you a preview of how exactly how many subscribers never opened or clicked your emails. To find out tick the Advanced Options “Export only records Not engaged”. You then specify how many days to look at and a query is generated showing how many were unengaged in that period.



You can then choose to export the list or re-run the query. To remove these un-engaged email addresses we recommend you upload the unengaged list and then use the “Compare and Remove” tool.

New ways to slice and dice your lists!

ReachMail has made it easier than ever to query your lists and better target your campaigns with our new “Run List Segments” tool.

First – go to the lists section and select “Run List Segments” from the dropdown. (The List Segments Deprecated is the previous version)




Next – choose a name for your List Segment. You have a choice to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE what you’re querying. You can also choose ANY – where the query picks matches on any field or ALL where only matches present in all are picked.




Next we’ll do an example. We want to select either an Industry of Construction OR a job title of Director of Information Technology. We recommend then clicking on the “Count Matches” to see how many the query yields.





If you are satisfied with the query click the “Create” button and you have a new segment





You can use your new segment in two ways. First, you can apply the segment to your list when scheduling a campaign. Simply select your list under “Choose Recipient Lists” and then select your segment under “List Segments”




You can also export the segment and use it as a separate list. In lists, select the dropdown menu of “Export List”




Under List Segments – click Filter Export By – select your filter. Then click export.