Don’t be a victim of personalization fails

Have you ever received an email like this?

Picture of personalization failure

You can avoid this with ReachMail when you personalize your email campaigns. Check out how here.

How did the above mailer Progress Partners do this? Keep in mind how personalization works. ReachMail looks up whatever field you specified – if you specified “First Name” ReachMail will add whatever is in there. If there’s nothing or “Contact First Name” then you’re in trouble.

Fortunately we have a work around. We have a fallback feature for all personalization fields. This is done with the pipe symbol: |. For instance, if you intend to use the First Name personalization in ReachMail: {{first_name}} the fallback can be set as follows: {{first_name|Valued Customer}}. Anything you type after the | but inside the brackets will become the fallback if no first name is found for any recipient(s). We understand that not all list data will be perfect, and as such, using this feature to it’s fullest capabilities will ensure that your message looks the best it can.

Pro tip – Ensure that your test list contains the same fields as your live sending list. A common mistake is to test delivery with a test list that contains different data from your sending list. Ensuring that both lists use the exact same fields will allow for accurate testing of personalization.

Note that full name, last name and first name are three separate fields in ReachMail. If you upload your list using the full name field, you will NOT be able to reference the first name or last name specifically. Since a full name may contain a middle name or initial in many cases, there is no way for us to separate a full name into it’s respective parts in a graceful manner. You will have to reference the full name field with your personalization in order for the proper information to appear: {{fullname}}. Once again, proper testing of your message will ensure problems like this are caught before the message is sent out live to your recipients.