What is White Label Email Marketing? (and is it right for you)

Do you offer digital marketing services? Are you considering offering additional services to your online customers to generate incremental revenue? You may want to consider offering a White Label Email Marketing solution

What is white label email marketing?

Reachmail is offering an email solution that takes your brand, colors and logos and turns you into an instant email service provider. Commonly, the solution offers support and complete turnkey operation and allows you then to offer this service to your end user clients as of complete email marketing platform Support considerations are a key factor but are typically it is usually included in your package.

How does it actually work?

Beyond the basics of adding your branding, there are a number of key questions you need to investigate to see how truly “white label” the solution is. Ask the vendor:

  • How does the service track links?
  • Within the white label solution does it have your logo or brand on the tracking links?
  • Does support act as your brand and not the email service provider?
  • Bottom-line – how far does the white label solution go in supporting your brand?

Is offering a white label solution right for me?

People who successfully offer white label email Solutions have several things in common. First, they offer digital marketing solutions to marketers that are similar to email service providers but not competitive. Second, your customers are overwhelmingly digital marketers. Third, your clients frequently need advice and assistance in regards to their email marketing efforts. Fourth, you’d like to add an ongoing profit stream to your business.

Customer support

Customer support can make the difference between success or failure of your white label email offering. For example, ReachMail’s white label email marketing solution offers complete support by a chat or email and ReachMail also continually invests in upgrades. You want to focus on a similar support set up so that you can focus on your core product and not have to pay extra labor and support costs.  So check with the white label vendor to make sure that support is included otherwise you have to dedicate our technical support team who providing expertise in the solution that you’re not familiar with.

What kind of profit can I expect?

Measuring profit is an important challenge when determining what white label solution you should use. There are two basic models.

  • One model is to charge standard pricing to the end-user clients. While you, the white label provider handles the billing and you get a percentage.  
  • The other model  is for you to receive a majorly reduced price and you mark up based on your own market conditions.

Under the second scenario you can double or probably triple your profits over getting a set percentage, moreover you have more control over your pricing solution and your customer experience.

How do I sign up customers?

There are two ways to sign up customers. First, you can put a customized sign up form on your website that allows your clients to sign up on their own and get a customized welcome email with your branding and your logo. The other option is for you to manually create an account on demand and send the welcome email.

How hard is it to set up?

Setting up a white label email marketing account is relatively straightforward.  To get started you need two things:

1. Your logo
2. Your color description and your brand name.

That’s it. It should it’s a basic snap to set up your account and you can get started within minutes

You’ll then have the option to add a sign-up form on your own website to allow your clients to setup accounts automatically.

How does ReachMail compare to the other major white label email marketing solutions?

Here’s a chart comparing each platform on key features commonly found on most white label email solutions:

Your brand and logos – all white label solutions provide a way for you to brand the solution with your logo and colors.

API or user interface – think about how your customers will use the solution. Will they always login and manually execute an email marketing campaign or will they expect to use an api to send a campaign?

Admin or portal tool – to manage your end user accounts. Would you like to have access 24×7 to your end user accounts and be able to add/delete users or permissions? Having a portal allows you to not have to rely on the white label solution support to do that.

Feature control – for some solutions – you can enable/disable various advanced features such as surveys or email previews. ReachMail provides a complete solution with all available features for you

Your branded support – does customer service from the white label solution represent your brand or their brand? If you want to control the brand experience – you’ll want your customers to see your brand exclusively – not the white label solution provider.

Transparent pricing – if you can’t make money there’s no point in offering this service. You need to see upfront your pricing and to be easily able to calculate that you can make large enough profits.

Long term contracts – do you have to pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of your end customers activity or do you have flexibility scale up or down as your customers activity changes. Something to keep in mind as you make a decision.