Back to the Basics: Perfecting Email Creative

Once your subscriber list is set and your content is finalized, the next step in perfecting your email campaign is working out the details of the design. With so much of the focus being put on deliverability, growing your lists and working out the right messaging, email design can easily be forgotten or pushed to the side. By taking just a small amount of time to consider the following tips, email design can assist you in maximizing return on investment and communicating a consistent brand identity to customers.

Don’t assume images will be displayed.
In many cases, subscribers do not automatically display email images without being prompted to do so first. Consider inserting a direct call to action such as “Click here to view images” so customers are more inclined to view the email in full. Also, to avoid losing any messaging, make sure the information you want your readers to take away isn’t embedded within any images. Instead, use HTML body copy for all key messages you are trying to get across within the email.

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