How does your email look on iPhone or Android

In 2018, the clear majority of opens you receive on your email campaign are from mobile devices. According to Marketing Land, over 60% of emails were opened on mobile devices in the first quarter of 2018. Want to see for yourself? Look at the Campaign Reports in your ReachMail account. Navigate to the “Reports” tab, then the Campaign Reports. Click on any campaign, and you’ll see something like this:

Inbox Preview Report Summary

Fortunately, ReachMail has a tool designed to make sure your message looks good when opened on any popular mobile device. It’s called “Inbox Preview.” Here’s how to use it: go to your Mailings tab and click on the three dots on the far right. Highlight “Generate Inbox Preview” to start the process:

Generate Inbox Preview

You’ll next get a chance to confirm your choice. You’ll see the nine most popular devices that the preview will run. For more details on how to use Inbox Preview check out our help document here.

Inbox Preview Services

Five simple tips to make your email design mobile friendly

Single Column Template: Using a single column helps prevent formatting problems that can cover up important parts of your email. This layout is simpler than many of the more popular templates designed for desktop viewing, but when you consider that someone will be scrolling through your email on a small screen, this makes more sense. In all of this, simplicity is key. Too many fancy features and sections can get very confusing on a phone screen, and you want to make engaging with your email as easy as possible.

Put most important content up-front: Similarly, you’ll want to think about laying out your email, so it flows vertically. That means everything you want them to see right away very close to the top and a logical progression as they scroll through. Like any marketing email, you’ll want something interesting to hook attention early on.

Keep font to less than 13 pixels: On a desktop, this is on the smaller side of font display, but for a phone it’s perfect. Bigger fonts will get cut off and may not display correctly. Plus, if they do, it will just look obnoxious to have words that take up the whole screen and require a lot of scrolling.

Use one call to action button with a minimum size of 44×44 pixels: This is arguably the most important part of any marketing email. This is where you get your recipients to take action, and it’s important that this button be easy to find eye-catching, and clear. If you provide more than one button, it can look spammy, or even be confusing for readers. Even if the buttons all go to the same place, putting in more than one can trigger choice paralysis for readers which is exactly what you want to avoid.

Use very few images: Keeping in line with the theme of simplicity, having only a few images keeps your email from being cluttered and reduces the likelihood of something going wrong and not loading correctly. A single powerful image is much more effective than many less-compelling ones anyway, so stick to as few as you can.

You can see how great your email looks on mobile devices by trying ReachMail for free.

New Study offers what works in email marketing

A new study highlighted in DM News offers clear evidence that strong visuals and offers personalized by recipients past behaviors leads to the highest open and click-through rates.

Here’s a great example of great visuals in one email by VRBO – they have multiple eye-catching images that all have the same theme – plus spiced up with great offers.

SUBJECT: Plan your leaf peeping excursion

But more importantly than visuals is to make the email about THEM. Send something that they care about – and just maybe they’ll click-through. Check out how Amex catch’s the eye with just the subject line.

SUBJECT: JOHN MURPHY, You’ve Got ✉ : Some News About Your Card 

Respond to Mobile Users with Responsive Campaigns

Do you check email on a mobile device? If so, you’re in good company. More than 64% of Americans use smartphones; the most popular apps are those that allow users to view and compose emails. The Pew report linked above indicates that more than 87% of smartphone users regularly check email from their phone.

Need more proof of mobile email’s popularity? Check your individual campaign reports. ReachMail breaks out how many of your email openers are mobile users. Many of our clients find that a large percentage of their emails are opened from mobile devices.
For example, more than 40% of this ReachMail user’s opened emails used mobile devices to open their emails:

In another real-life example, more than 85% of this ReachMail user’s opens came from mobile devices:

With so many people checking and opening emails from their mobile devices, how can you make sure your email is optimized for these users? By making your email Responsive. Responsive emails adapt to each device (desktop, tablet or mobile) to ensure they are easy to read across the most commonly used devices and email clients.
The first step toward building responsive emails is to modify your content so that users don’t have to “pinch and zoom” to consume your content. To increase responsiveness, your email design should follow these guidelines:

  • Narrow Width – scale it down from 600 to 300 or 350 pixels wide.
  • Simple Design – keep it clean and make your typography stand out
  • Organized Content – chunk content into simple blocks that can be moved around
  • Single Column – use designs with only one single column

ReachMail offers some great built-in resources to get your mobile campaigns up and running. The simplest way to make sure your campaigns are responsive is by taking advantage of our free built-in responsive templates. These templates are free with a paid ReachMail account and automatically adapt to ensure your emails can be easily read on each kind of device.

Here are two of the more than 60 responsive templates available:

After adding your content and before deploying your campaign, you can also use ReachMail’s email previews from Litmus® to make sure your email is readable on the most popular mobile and desktop email clients. Like our responsive templates, Litmus previews are built right into your paid ReachMail account.

Litmus email previews allow you to toggle between options to see exactly what your campaign recipients will see. Check out the example below:

Building a responsive campaign is a great way to make sure that your campaign is opened by more users; ReachMail gives you the tools to do it quickly and easily. To learn more, please see our support documentation, or leave us a comment and let us know what you are seeing with your mobile email campaigns.