Now Offering More Inbox Previews

Inbox previews provided by Litmus is a great way to ensure your message looks perfect every time and now, with our paid plans, you get more inbox previews each billing period! Preview the top nine email clients including Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple iPad, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Google Android,, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live (Hotmail) mail, and AOL Mail. Make sure your message looks good on desktop as well as mobile.

Litmus charges a minimum of $99 a month to utilize this service, having it included with your ReachMail marketing account can give you an advantage and save you money. These increases are offered on all paid accounts and include the option to share your Litmus reports. See below for the outline increases per plan.

Plan Price (Per Month) Amount Overage Per
Bronze $10.00 3 $2.00
Silver $40.00 10 $1.75
Gold $70.00 15 $1.50
Platinum $180.00 25 $1.25
Diamond $360.00 50 $1.00
Premiere $599.00 75 $1.00

If you have any additional questions or want to know how you can upgrade your account today please email us at or call us at 888-947-3224.

Social Media Posting With LinkedIn

A great way to build your audience is by connecting with your social media accounts.
ReachMail is pleased to announce you can now post your campaigns on LinkedIn in addition to our existing integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

With social media posting you can easily connect your campaigns with the top used social media accounts with just a couple clicks.

To read more on how to access social media posting, click here. Have more questions? Call us at 888-947-3224 or email us at

Introducing Wildcard Suppression List Compatibility

Wildcard suppression lists are now supported inside of ReachMail. Along with the usual purpose of a suppression list, a wildcard suppression allows you to suppress addresses on a variety of wildcard factors. For example, if you have an email going out to recipients and you want to suppress anyone with a Yahoo email address; you can type @yahoo* as a address in your suppression list. This not only would prevent any from receiving it at but will also suppress anyone using,,, etc.

Here’s a list of possible formats that can be used in a suppression list:
* – will omit all addresses.
*@yahoo* – will omit all yahoo domains (,,, etc).
noreply@* – will omit all noreply addresses.

Moving forward, customers can now add domains and addresses to a single suppression list into a wildcard suppression list and will be able to simply apply the suppression list without first having to select how it should be applied. You can read more on the wildcard suppression here or read on how to convert your current list to this new format here.