Connect with over 700 apps to ReachMail

Connecting ReachMail with popular web apps is now almost as easy as pointing and clicking with a simple web app called Zapier. Zapier is tool that allows you to connect apps together without any programming required.This allows you to move data back and forth automatically.  To connect ReachMail to Zapier and then to any other app follow these instructions.

This is great because before – you would have to have advanced technical skill to connect ReachMail’s API to that other apps API – no small task.

The main benefit is that you can move email addresses back and forth between ReachMail and virtually any other application. Here’s just a small sampling of the applications you can connect to:

Gravity Forms and ReachMail. Gravity Forms is a WordPress app that makes it easy to create signup forms on your WordPress powered website.

Unbounce  and ReachMail. Unbounce allows you to build landing pages that have excellent conversion rates – meaning visitors won’t bounce away. Hence “Unbounce”

SalesForce and ReachMail. SalesForce is the world’s largest customer relationship management tool. Extremely powerful and used by some of the biggest organizations.

Google Sheets and ReachMail. Google Sheets is a cloud based spreadsheet alternative to Microsoft Excel.

WordPress and ReachMail. WordPress is a free content management system that allows you  build websites for free. You’ll be able to notify all of your ReachMail subscribers automatically when you have a new blog post.

Zoho and ReachMail. Zoho is a CRM system built for small businesses.

Invoice Ninja and ReachMail. Invoice Ninja is a free, open source way to create invoices. You’ll be able to post to ReachMail anyone you invoice through Invoice Ninja.

How would this work in actual practice? With Zapier – you can take anyone who signs up for your list in Gravity Forms automatically be added to your ReachMail account and also be added to your Zoho CRM system. Or anyone you add to SalesForce can be added automatically to ReachMail. If you then send a campaign to your contacts with ReachMail then you can update your SalesForce account with activity data, ie. opens, clicks, bounces or un-subscribes.

For a complete list of all Zapier apps that you can connect to check out

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