Consistency = Quality Campaigns

One of the best practices you can establish to insure the best delivery rate and best response to your email campaigns is consistent sending habits.

Consistent sending habits means sending the same content at the same time to about the same number of people.

In other words, if you’re sending a newsletter to 500 users, send it at the same time, on the same day, week after week.

Why are consisting sending habits so important? Two reasons, ISP perception and user perception. You always want users to stay engaged with your email campaigns, sending them the same content at the same time helps them to recognize your email and enhances your reputation with them. Same goes for ISPs, especially the large consumer ISPs. If they see you sending the same content to the same people at the same time it only does good things to your reputation.

Consider the following two campaigns.

Campaign A is sent to 5,000 recipients every Tuesday at 8:30am
Campaign B is sent to 5,000 recipients when the marketing guy gets around to it. Sometimes Friday at 10pm, sometimes Wednesday at 3am, sometimes every third week, sometimes when the moon is full.

Which looks more legitimate? Without opening the email which would you expect to have more valuable content?

Want to increase recipient engagement and response? Normalize your campaigns.

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