How To Make Your Email Mobile

Have you read email on your mobile device? If you have you keep a lot of company. The latest ReachMail stats show that 41% of emails are now opened via mobile devices and 91% of smartphone owners access the same email account on both mobile and desktop.  We see evidence that your customers read their email on their mobile devices then take action later on tablets or desktops/laptops. You do need to make some adjustments in your email designs to make your email readable and clickable.   

Following are tips to get you started with your mobile email strategy:


  • Keep in mind the different resolutions of various types of phones. On a smartphone, the average resolution size is 400 pixels, whereas on a standard phone, the resolution can be as low as 128 pixels. With this in mind, remember not to use large images that may take up the whole screen or disrupt your formatting.


  • Make sure the fonts are legible. For body text, use at least 11 pts; for headlines, use at least 22 pts.


  • It’s highly recommended that your call to action be in text rather than an image. Have your call to action at the top: It should be easy to read and will be seen immediately. Don’t forget to make the text “tappable,” leading to your company’s website or a specific product page. Apple’s iPhone Guidelines recommend a minimum tap size of 44 pixels wide by 44 pixels tall.


  • Alt-text displays descriptive text of an image. By default, images are blocked on mobile devices and therefore prompt the user to turn images on. Adding alt-text for your images is a must.




Keep an eye out on your reporting and after you implement these strategies watch the clicks by mobile devices. This reporting and all our other features come included with ReachMail, where you can get free email marketing for life.


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