Increase your open rates – with our new enhanced A/B Testing tool

How do you know what offer/creative will perform the best for your subscribers? ReachMail makes it easy to find out by using our A/B testing tool. You can find out what’s the best:

Subject Lines
“Buy one get one free this Saturday only”
“50% off this Saturday only”

Does a red background perform better than a blue background?

Content comparison for a/b testing

A/B testing allows you to test any email against another at the same time. ReachMail’s tool allows you to randomly pick an equal small sample of email addresses from your list, send them at the same time and compare the results. You can then pick the top performing email version and send just the winner to the rest of your list.

Easy Reporting
The A/B testing reporting here shows clearly that the red version performs better than blue.

Same Detailed Reporting as regular campaigns
Our new enhancement now also provides full regular detail that you’ve come to expect. See complete details including open, bounce and clicks. You can download each as usual.

Check out step by step how to use the A/B testing tool here.

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