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Not too long ago I wrote a post about Form Wizard and how to utilize it and integrate it into your website.

Form Wizard is a handy tool to easily create a simple sign-up form to add to your website. The form writes directly to the ReachMail list of your choosing. If you want to read the how-to instructions, check the old post or watch the video.

Form Wizard has a powerful feature that is sometimes overlooked. It’s the Auto-Responder. Sounds cool, right? It is. What does it do? It sends an automatic email to any new users as soon as they are in your list. Why is that important? It helps you put your best foot forward with all your new list members.

Here’s a sample scenario. Say your company (Acme, Inc.) sends out a monthly newsletter on the first Monday of every month because you’ve wisely heeded the advice of some email marketing experts. A new user joins your list on the tenth of the month. They’ll be waiting a couple of weeks at least for the first email. In the meantime, they’re apt to forget that they signed up. Know what happens when users forget they signed up? Opt-outs. And Spam Complaints.

Enter the Auto-Responder. The auto-responder comes to the user shortly after they’re entered into the list and is a great reminder that they’ve joined and gives you a chance to welcome them and give a preview of what they can expect from your emails. If I were making an auto-responder for this monthly newsletter list I might say something like this: Thanks for joining the Acme, Inc. monthly newsletter! We hope you find it an informative window into our company. You can expect our newsletter on the first Monday of every month. In it, we’ll have recap of the the past month, a look ahead to the new month and an employee spotlight feature. If you’d like to take a look at our newsletter archive, use this link.

The auto-responder shouldn’t be long but you should get across at least the following:

  1. A thank you and welcome.
  2. A content preview and a frequency reminder.
  3. One other piece of content the user can take action on.

Of course, this was just one example. If you’re a retailer you might have a special coupon in the auto-responder; there are a variety of possibilities.

Ready to put an auto-responder on your forms? Here’s what to do. In the Form Wizard section of Libraries and Tools, click the Manage Forms link. Find the form you want to modify in the list of forms and from the Action menu all the way to the right choose ‘Create Auto-Responder.’ From there you be able to use any of the basic mail creation methods to make the auto-responder (template, webpage, file upload, scratch).

If you have any questions about auto-responders or want to discuss your situation individually, drop me a line at

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