Getting Your Emails Out Of Your Subscribers’ Junk Folders

One of the advantages of living in this technological age is having the benefit of email control and management. If you’re engaged in  or any kind of personal or business activity that involves bulk email sending, you need to understand how to control your emails for maximum deliverability. For the most part, that entails keeping your emails from going straight to the spam/junk folder on your recipients’ end. The first step in avoiding this is to understand why emails go to the spam folder.

Why Do My Emails Go to Spam?
There are many factors that play into whether your email is delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes, or whether it gets automatically sent to the spam or junk folder.

  1. Your subscriber isn’t actually a subscriber. In this scenario, your recipient never agreed to receive your emails. The individual didn’t subscribe, or he or she may not have even provided you with his or her email address. Maybe you got the address from a bad mailing list you purchased, or curated it yourself. Either way, you aren’t getting your intended result from your email campaign. Purchased lists are never a good idea, they contain spam traps that will sabotage your delivery.
  2. Your subscriber hasn’t added you to his or her “safe senders” list. Most email platforms today (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) allow users to create a safe senders list. This is a list of all the email senders that have been pre-approved to send emails to that user. If a valid subscriber has rules in place to prevent spam or junk mail, but hasn’t added you/your company to his or her safe senders list, your email could be circumvented to that person’s spam/junk folder (even though he or she wanted to read your email).
  3. You’re email content/offer is not compelling to your subscribers – Check your metrics. If you’re open rate is trending downward re-think your content. Better yet – test new content with A/B Testing tools to see what does resonate with your subscribers.
  4. Your email contains bad links or a blacklisted domain. These days, ISPs provide lots of built-in protection for their customers — including blocking emails that potentially contain viruses and/or spam. If your email contains suspicious links or blacklisted domains, your email could go straight to the spam/junk folder without your subscriber ever being aware that you attempted to email him or her. Use a spam checker tool to find bad links.

Stop Emails Going to Junk
You can prevent emails going to spam by instigating opt-in practices, asking subscribers to add you to their safe senders list, and vetting embedded links and domains. You can further increase your deliverability rates by eliminating addresses with expired domains, implementing re-activation campaigns and partitioning/categorizing your email lists for better management. These are all active steps you can take to stop emails from going to junk. What’s more, they can all be provided by ReachMail, helping to grow your business as well as your email success rates.

There are lots of other reasons why your emails might go straight to spam/junk. One of the most powerful steps you can take to avoid this is to enlist the help of a qualified bulk email service provider, ReachMail. ReachMail has integrated practices in place to help you reach high deliverability rates to prevent email from going to spamContact us today to learn more.

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