Heatmap Report – Check Out the New ReachMail Feature

ReachMail has rolled out an enhancement of our reporting to visually enhance your understanding of your subscribers interaction with your email marketing campaign.

With heatmap reporting for email marketing, you can see at a glance where and what links your subscribers are clicking on. Moreover – your eye can zero in on the “red hot” areas that are irresistible to your subscribers. Here’s a real life example from
Haix North America the world’s leading manufacturer of functional footwear for fire services, the police & armed forces, the forestry & hunting sectors, rescue services as well as workwear.

There are two ways to access this report.
From the dashboard – look at RECENT CAMPAIGNS, then click on the chart icon 

Or Click on the Reports tab, Campaign Reports then highlight the campaign you want to see a heatmap for.

Keep in mind that the heatmap focuses not on open rates but arguably a more valued action – clicks. The heatmap shows the hottest links to be the link that made up the highest percentage of clicks.

While you’re at the reporting page makes sure to compare your open rate to the click rates and always monitor your opt-outs and spam reports for any significant changes.

Questions? Email support@reachmail.com.

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