New Immediate Autoresponder

ReachMail is pleased to announce an enhancement to the autoresponder tool – new immediate delivery. Now you can choose to have a message sent right away to subscriber as soon as they are added to your list.

Autoresponders allow you to send a timed, series of emails to new subscribers. You can set the exact time and frequency you want including send to them immediately when they are added. For example, you can send an email immediately upon signup, 3 hours later and once a week for a set number of weeks. Once you set up the autoresponder you’re done. You can use this feature to educate prospects about your product, build excitement and turn them into customers.

For details on setting up an Autoresponder in ReachMail check out our support documentation.

We’ve seen fantastic open rates with autoresponders. Why? Because you’re communicating right when they’re interested in your topic! They’ve searched for information, found your site and found it so engaging they gave you their email address.

So what are the key things you need to keep in mind when setting up an autoresponder?

  1. Decide the goal of the autoresponder. Remember it’s a series of emails – not just one and they all have to work together. Here are examples of excellent goals:
    • Build interest and excitement for your online product. Here you don’t try to sell your product on the first email. You introduce the product, build awareness and excitement and then finally make an incredible offer to convert them to a buyer.
    • Educate new prospects and buyers on how to use your product. You’ll drive increased customer satisfaction and engagement.
    • Identify your best prospects – with the series you can identify who responds and to which product area generates the highest enthusiasm.
  2. Figure out the schedule and role of each email before you write content for each one.
  3. Don’t assume your subscribers understand your product and your brand. You know the product inside and out – they don’t.

Once you set up an autoresponder – you can forget it – but DON’T. Here’s a checklist of what to do:

  • Check open and rates by each message.
  • Periodically actually look at your content. The worst thing you can do is mention out-of-date information including expired sales and no longer valid links
  • Experiment with dates and times – maybe a one hour delay makes more sense for your product.
  • Consider adding an additional autoresponder to increase engagement.

Already have an autoresponder in ReachMail? You can convert it to an immediate autoresponder if you’d like – simply visit Tools – Autoresponder – Edit.

You’ll also notice new enhancements to autoresponder reporting. For details check out our reports documentation.

Remember – free autoresponders are included with every ReachMail account.

Questions? Email or call us at 888-947-3224.

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