Now from ReachMail – Message Testing!

Message Testing is a great way to improve the performance of your email campaigns. You can use it to simultaneously compare up to five different email messages and see which one will be the best to use. You can also use it to test one message on a small portion of your list as well.

To learn how to use Message Testing check out this video

How It Works

Select one or more messages to test and then pick the list(s) you want to include. Message testing then asks you to pick what percentage of your list(s) you want to test. You schedule a mail and after that you’ll see a snapshot like the image below.
Next, select which mailing is the winner and schedule when you’d like it to be sent. It will be sent to the remainder of your list(s).

ReachMail Message Testing

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John Murphy


Don’t forget about the other newest ReachMail feature -
Social Media Sharing!

Now when you create an email campaign you can also post your content to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. In addition to the standard email metrics, ReachMail also provide reports with analytics on how many individuals shared email content via social channels.
To learn how to use Social Media Sharing check out this video
Watch Video - ReachMail Social Media
Watch Video

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