ReachMail: Piece by Piece

Welcome to the first installment of ReachMail: Piece by Piece. Piece by Piece? (Yes, that’s a working title).

The goal of this weekly series is to provide some informal education on different areas and functions of ReachMail. In some posts we’ll focus mainly on best practices and others will shed some light on some little used ReachMail functions and tools. Hopefully, you’ll learn something new or get some creative ideas about how to best use ReachMail to enhance your business.

So have fun and if you have any questions feel free to use the comments section or to reach me directly at Now on to this weeks topic…

Create a New List of Recipients who Clicked on a Link.

That’s a mouthful, huh? I get asked this question a lot: How do I contact the people who’ve clicked on a link in my recent mailing(s)?

Well it’s easy actually, there’s a tool right in the individual mailing report to help you do just that.

In an individual mail report look all the way to right of any tracked link summary. You’ll see two icons, an eyeball and a document . Clicking on the document item will create a new list of only those recipients who clicked on that link.

The new list carries over the full record from the source list, so any information you have for that record (phone, zip code, industry) will be available in the new list.

Here’s a video of the whole process in action: List From Clicks

As always, if you’ve got any questions, you can reach us at or find me directly at

Next Week: List Sweeper

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