ReachMail Piece by Piece: Contents and Assets

Welcome to another edition of ReachMail Piece by Piece, a weekly series that explores the functions and tools of ReachMail. You can take a look back at some of the previous topics here.

This week we’re talking about Contents and Assets. C&A is a ReachMail tool that you can use to store any type of file and deliver it to your recipients. Since there are no limits to the size or number of files that you store in the C&A section it’s a great way to deliver content to your recipients without the burden of attachments.

Why are attachments a bad idea? Glad you asked. Attachments cause problems for large email deliveries on a number of levels. Attachments must be encoded as part of the message which dramatically increases the message size, which creates a bottleneck in the servers, which slows the delivery rate for the email and any other email that might be leaving from the same server. Once the mail arrives at the recipient’s server there’s a good chance it will be rejected just based on message size alone. Added to that concern, many firewalls remove and quarantine attachments or the entire email making it that much harder for your audience to view the mail.

The C&A section stores your files as hosted resources so they’re accessible to your audience through links in your email. All you have to do is upload the file and insert a link to it in the mail editor. There’s even a function in the mail editor that handles the link insertion for you. And of course the links to your files are tracked so you’ll be able to see who accessed the files.

Click here to watch a short demo of the C&A process in action.

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