Summer 2009 Newsletter

New ReachMail Features!

To start your summer email marketing off right ReachMail has added three new features, a new editor, an enhanced test option and now you can send to multiple lists at the same time – ReachMail will de-dupe them for you.

Check out this video explaining ReachMail’s new editor! It allows you to compose an email using ANY browser. Other features include:

*Copying and pasting directly from Microsoft Word
*Uploading multiple images
*Easy adding of columns and cells
*Expanded International and special character recognition
*Easier image and link management.

New enhanced testing options

With the new enhanced test option you can automatically generate two test emails – one in HTML and one in text. If you haven’t been adding a text backup version – you should. With industry experts estimating that over 18% of email is read on mobile devices you’ll be missing almost a fifth of your audience without a text version of your message. Using the enhanced test is simple. Create your mailing as you normally do and when you come to the scheduling page check the box at the bottom labeled “This is a TEST mailing”. You will then be presented with another check-box option: “Enhanced Test Check this box.”

Check the Enhanced Test box to test the HTML and plain text versions of the mailing

Check the Enhanced Test box to test the HTML and plain text versions of the mailing

Here’s what each email HTML and text will appear in your inbox.

Image of both versions in an imbox

Image of both versions in an inbox

Mail to multiple lists at the same time; de-duping is automatic!

Do you have multiple lists in your ReachMail account (i.e. customers, inquirers, trade show attendees)? A common problem is that the same email address may be on multiple lists. How do you ensure that each email address gets only one email? Now you don’t have to worry. Schedule an email campaign with two or more lists and ReachMail will automatically know just to send one message to each email address. Simply pick the lists you want when you schedule a delivery and ReachMail will de-dupe the lists in the mailing process.

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