Question about email marketing?

Resell ReachMail using our
White Label Email Marketing Software

Use the power of ReachMail to offer an easy-to-use email marketing solution to your customers, under your own brand.
You can offer email marketing as a self-serve option or you can manage an email program on their behalf.

Your new email offering will be a complete solution offering an easy-to-use user interface, free responsive email templates,
built-in surveys, social media sharing, and outstanding inboxing.

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Your Branding - ReachMail Technology

Your clients can login to an email marketing solution that looks and feels like your brand - but behind the scenes you get all the power of ReachMail. This is a complete white-label solution. The only brand your customers will see is your brand. See More.


Build profits with wholesale pricing.

Pay only $49 per month to get reseller pricing! Your reseller account will come standard with 20,000 emails per month. Additional emails are only $0.50 per thousand - allowing you to build profits
right away.

Custom dashboard to monitor your clients

You’ll be able to see at a glance exactly what your clients are doing - month to date sends, performance, and revenue to date. You’ll solely determine what your clients pay you and you’ll control access and sending amounts based on your criteria. We’ll be glad to consult with you and suggest a pricing package that is attractive and includes at attractive revenue stream. See More.

Seamless Support

Top flight support is provided on your behalf by chat or by email, all with your branding. Our support staff will represent themselves as your staff without any cost to you. Our support documentation also will have your branding so your branding will be universal.

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Your branded signup forms

We provide you with custom forms built to your specs to allow your clients to seemlessly sign-up to your new email solution. They’ll get a custom email confirmation representing your branding.

API or UI? You decide

Your clients can connect by logging into your branded solution or connect via our API. Our API is language independent. You and your clients can use programming languages like Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, and C#.

Security baked-in

Industry standard best-practices are followed at ReachMail.
Your clients data and your data is secure and is for your exclusive use.

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