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Real Testimonials

  • Leah Diteljan
    Leah Diteljan

    "I would happily refer a friend to the Reachmail service. I am pretty green when it comes to email templates so I am so grateful for his unending support and timely (sometimes my Outlook alert actually startles me he's so fast) replies."
  • Jason Sohl
    Jason Sohl

    "We were on a real time-crunch to get this project up and running and we couldn't have done it without ReachMail and their support team"
  • Shervin Eftekhari
    Shervin Eftekhari

    "We've worked with ReachMail since 2007 and have been happy with their level of professionalism and performance. They were very helpful in setting up our account and working with us to make and produce an effective email campaign. Their system is intuitive, but more importantly their level of hands-on service allows us to run a smooth and efficient email marketing campaign consistently."
  • Robin Manka
    Robin Manka

    "I LOVE ReachMail. I've tried other email services and they were hard to use, PLUS I've always had to wait a long time on Tech support for help. ReachMail is awesome. They are easy to use, have first-class Tech support and I always get great campaign results."
  • Peter Candito
    Peter Candito

    "ReachMail's support staff is always willing to help me and has such patience. I don't have any formal understanding of HTML coding and email services so I really appreciate having help an email or phone call away."
  • Harold Gross
    Harold Gross

    "What I love about ReachMail is the great survey tool included with it - it's better than the survey tools I've used in other email platforms. The spam checker tool is also great too - it tells you if Barracuda or Spam Assasin doesn't like your email - and what to do to fix it."
  • Jerry Rubin
    Jerry Rubin

    "Prior to becoming a Reachmail client, Hilife Vitamins used two major email services. After several years of working with Reachmail, I have concluded that your company is the very best in providing quality service. Your staff takes the time to resolve problems and helps me to understand the changing environment in email marketing. Reachmail is indeed a valued quality partner"
  • John Marsh

    "ReachMail is a crucial tool in keeping us connected with our subscribers and Members through the distribution of our weekly RBR Newsletter. ReachMail is very easy to use, and both their reporting and customer service are excellent."
  • Erin Christey

    "Our business relies heavily upon email marketing and ReachMail is great with email design and deliverability."
  • Deborah Corn

    "I'm so glad ReachMail came into my world - it's one thing I can count on! I get superior customer service but you have gone above and beyond to make sure my newsletters' Rock!"

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